Patent Attorney

  • Ming TIAN
    Chief Partner; senior Patent Attorney; Attorney at Law; Trademark Attorney;

    Education: LL.B., Peking University, China; B.S., Peking University, China

  • Xiaohang REN
    Senior Partner; Patent Attorney; Trademark Attorney

    Education: B.E., Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

  • Xianzhuang QU
    Partner; Patent Attorney; Attorney at Law

    Education: B.S., Henan Normal University, China LL.B., China University of Po

  • Tihao WANG
    Senior Patent Attorney; Attorney at Law; Professor Senior Engineer

    Education: B.S., Peking University, China

  • Minyi ZHOU
    Senior Patent Attorney; Lawyer

    Education: Master of Engineering, Beijing University of Chem

  • Yongming WEN
    Attorney at Law; Patent Attorney

    Education: Master degree of North China Electric Power Unive

  • Jianglin Zhao
    Senior appraisal experts, lawyers, patent attorney

    Education: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Law, Peking Univ

  • Lixia JING
    Patent Attorney

    Education: Bachelor of Materials Engineering of Jilin Univer

  • Huiling ZHANG
    Patent Engineer

    Education: Master Degree of  Applied Chemistry from Wuhan Un

  • Zhulin GENG
    Patent Attorney

    Education: Bachelor degree of Electronic Information Science