Practice Areas

 Legal Matters
●  Legal consulting and patent reference;
●  Administrative petition against IP infringements;
●  Patent infringement litigation, concerning the infringement of patent ownership, patent licensing and assignment;
●  Action for infringement of a trademark;
●  Dealing with the controversy over infringement of copyright as well as its ownership;
●  To do with the disputes of anti-unfair competition;
●  Other legal proceedings involving intellectual property.

●  Patent search
There are a variety of searches that we are able to conduct: non-infringement search, patentability search for invention, validity search for utility model patent/ short term patent, and search for family patents.
●  Application and monitor services
We’re able to file different kind of patent application such as invention, utility model and design in China. We also be able to monitor the Official Gazette published weekly by the Chinese Patent Office, notify our clients of the publication of potentially conflicting design patent and challenge it if our clients deem necessary.
●  Request for re-examination, revocation or invalidation of a patent right and other matters
●  Licensing and assignment of patent right, record of admission contract,
Patent prosecution

●  Trademark registration
●  Trademark search and advice on possibility of registration
Our search services include mark searches and registrant /applicant searches.
●  Record of trademark admission contract
●  Matters related to the renewal, assignment of registered trademark
●  Services for trademark transaction
●  Recognition of well-known marks
All proceedings in connection with opposition against trademark registration, adjudication on trademark dispute, application for the cancellation of improperly registered trademark

Other IP related matters
●  Obtaining copyrights and computer software registrations
●  Recording IP rights with customs
●  Other business in connection with intellectual property matters