BEIJING TIANYUE GIP LAW FIRM (TIANYUE GIP) is a professional Intellectual Property Group designated by the State Intellectual Property Office of PRC to provide IP services in China as well as the rest of the world, which is a comprehensive cross-border Intellectual Property services corporation.TIANYUE GIP was established in Beijing by a group of patent engineers, attorneys and paralegals. Most of us came from prestigious universities, bringing all our skills and experiences together, to assist all our clients in obtaining, protecting and exploiting their global Intellectual Property Rights. 

Tianyue was named one of the outstanding intellectual property services agency of Beijing  Zhongguancun in 2013 -2015. Tianyue was named the service brand cultivation unit of Beijing intellectual property in 2017. At the same time, Tianyue is one of the launched unit of the Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Service Alliance, the Daxing District Biomedical Intellectual Property Services Alliance,and Tianyue is the secretary of  Beijing Biomedical Industry Intellectual Property Alliance.

To offer a comprehensive service in all technical disciplines to a broad group of clients, Tianyue GIP has accumulated extensive IP practice experiences and broad theoretical knowledge. Especially in the fields of computer technology, biotechnology, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, we have even more advantages in patent prosecution, invalidation, strategic research, infringement analysis, and etc.

Our team has over 30 professionals composed by Engineers (mechanical, electronic, chemical), Telecommunication, Physicists, Biologists, and IP Lawyers. Most of us have more than ten years practice experiences, and some of us even have also passed the American Bar, achieved the United States Attorney Qualification or Japan Patent Attorney Qualification. Our experts’advice from a technical and legal perspective, in all Intellectual Property areas. It is worthy to mention that over 80% of all the patent applications we filed to the State Patent Office, have been authorized the title of national patent, among which more than 90% are related to the areas of computer software, telecommunication, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Such an authorization result is the best among peers.

BEIJING TIANYUE GIP LAW FIRM has a branch office in USA and MY, for years practice in the IP field, has developed extensive contact and cooperation with our partners in the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries. We also work with carefully chosen attorney firms, over the world, related to patent business in their countries. Through the way of complementary advantages and resources sharing, we strive to provide more efficient and qualified service for the clients and our cooperator.